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"After losing my job and looking for ways to lift my spirits, I was thinking of a fun way to interact with television shows from the ’80s and ’90s, a dream-filled conversation with friends started about board games that could make you feel like your favorite characters while maintaining connections to African American heritage. With a few laughter-inducing conversations and a lot of research, In All Series-Ness, LLC was born. 

In essence, I wanted to play games with characters that looked like me, so I created one."

Entrepreneur and Founder of IAS, Tanisha "Queen It Shall Be" Hall, is a self-taught board game "developHER".  IAS Games is founded from her love of tabletop games and, after noticing the small number of games in which Black characters were presented in a positive light despite the large number of Black people that LOVE board games, nostalgia enthusiasts, causal gamers, and Black/African-Americans looking to play games made by Black developers.


And the rest is now.

When you look at IASGames you will know instantly who it is for, where it came from and why it was created in the first place. In All Series-Ness is our culture without question.


Tanisha "Queen It Shall Be" Hall

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In All Series-Ness (IAS) is a table top board game company #fortheculture that is dedicated to providing positive representation of Black people in gaming  while providing fun ways to spark nostalgia and create new memories.

IAS is honored to serve the Black/African-American community with arts activism, volunteering and hosting various events in the spirit of our ancestors and tribework.

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Comments, Shout Outs & Testimonials


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HILLMAN THE GAME got invited to the 1st EVER

AfroCon in Omaha, NE and presented with an fun tribute to A Different World!  Epic is an understatement. [VIDEO]

IAS Founder talks to J Haleem about the game

based off the 80s/90s Black sitcom nostalgia!

Black Game Maker Creates HILLMAN THE GAME by Jennifer Bartell [ARTICLE]

Highlights from the official launch party for In All Series-Ness and HILLMAN THE GAME February 19, 2019 in Columbia, South Carolina.  [VIDEO]

Investing in Black Women's Dreams by Tanisha Hall. [ARTICLE]

#Freethinkers Radio interview with HILLMAN THE GAME and the crew has one of the most fun times ever playing in the studio.  95.9 FM in Columbia, SC.  [VIDEO]

Venom Vixen hosts Good Friday and interviews Tanisha Hall and HILLMAN THE GAME on 100.1 FM, The Beat in Columbia, SC.  [VIDEO]

Do Better, Sis! Podcast has a conversation with Tanisha Hall, creator of HILLMAN THE GAME.  Turns out, she did Better than she expected!  [PODCAST]

Richland County Library hosted a presentation by In All Series-Ness and game night featuring HILLMAN THE GAME.

Listen to the IAS Podcast featuring interviews with artists and entrepreneurs while playing board games! [PODCAST]





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