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Local News

IAS Games' first-ever news appearance was handled with care by the amazing host, anchor, and journalist, Billie Jean Shaw in Columbia, SC. She interviews the company's founder and game developer and gets to the heart of the mission of IAS Games.

WIS10 IAS Interview BillieJeanShaw.png


Cori Luv chats live with a black FEMALE board game creator that's a whole vibe. This interview is super fun!  "She has a lot more in store for us and I am truly excited for her and us", says Cori.

The Cori Luv Show.png


Totally unexpected on Instagram live, HILLMAN THE GAME gets to show Sinbad his own Walter Oakes character of the new board game.



We Got Game at The University of Dope

The UDope Team sits with Black game makers for a brand new series, We Got Game.



More and more young Black women are re-examining the Strong Black Woman syndrome and engaging in self-care practices that change their lives. V Bailey facilitates a fun & informative conversation with Psycologist/Podcaster, Dr. Dyona Augustin, Card Game Creator, Shavon Carter, and Board Game Developer, Queen It Shall Be on the subject.

Talks With V.png


Culture Vs. Ownership with The Hilltop Glove

 This interview with IAS Games founder discusses the importance of black (pop) culture, creative ownership, perseverance, social engagement, work/family balance, and legacy building.



Living Single actress, Erika Alexander, got to see our game and her reaction is everything!

Hillman Meets Max
More Stories
  • Demond Does talks about birthdays and board games with Tanisha Hall of IAS Games. Find out how divine intervention influenced her moving and  what's the Blackest Thing There Is. [LISTEN HERE]

  • #Freethinkers Radio interviewed HILLMAN THE GAME and the crew has one of the most fun times ever playing in the studio.  95.9 FM in Columbia, SC.  [WATCH HERE]

  • HILLMAN THE GAME attends 1st EVER

  • AfroCon in Omaha, NE, and presented with a fun tribute to A Different World!  Epic is an understatement. [WATCH HERE]

  • Venom Vixen hosts Good Friday and interviews Tanisha Hall and HILLMAN THE GAME on 100.1 FM, The Beat in Columbia, SC.  [WATCH HERE]

  • IAS Founder talks to J Haleem about the game based on the 80s/90s Black sitcom nostalgia! [WATCH HERE]

  • Do Better, Sis! Podcast has a conversation with Tanisha Hall, creator of HILLMAN THE GAME.  Turns out, she did Better than she expected!  [LISTEN HERE]

  • Black Game Maker Creates HILLMAN THE GAME by Jennifer Bartell [READ HERE]

  • Richland County Library hosted a presentation by In All Series-Ness and game night featuring HILLMAN THE GAME. [SEE HERE]

  • Highlights from the official launch party for In All Series-Ness and HILLMAN THE GAME February 19, 2019 in Columbia, South Carolina.  [WATCH HERE]

  • Listen to the IAS Podcast featuring interviews with artists and entrepreneurs while playing board games! [LISTEN HERE]

  • Kayla Mallett writes about Investing in Black Women's Dreams following interview with Tanisha Hall. [READ HERE]

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