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HILLMAN THE GAME is a new board game that allows you to take on the roles of characters from the hit late 80's - mid 90's TV show "A Different World"!  2 to 8 players can take on the chance to move through the campus of the fictional HBCU, Hillman College and be the player with the most cash at the "Season Finale".  Whether you're familiar with the classic Black television show or you've never heard of a Dwayne Wayne in your life, you will have great time playing this game!

There are 3 versions of HILLMAN THE GAME available to pre-order for a limited time.  Check them out below!


Where did HILLMAN THE GAME come from?


"A Different World" premiered in the late 1980's as a spin-off to the iconic "Cosby Show".  It was the first show that depicted life at an HBCU.  Since its creation and completion, the shows positive impact on the Black/African-American community is undeniable.  Some even attribute their desire to attend and graduate college to the show - and that's including those who were born after the show stopped airing! 

The show featured characters with extremely relatable situations and traits.  Characters like Denise Huxtable - the ambitious, unfocused and flighty middle child from a loving but demanding family; Kimberly Reese - the responsible, scholarly, workhorse with a rebellious spirit; Lena James - the intelligent, trendsetting, rough-around-the-edges hustler; and Mr. Gaines - the wise, crotchety, care-giver by way of food service with more advice than he had hair and many, many more are what made Hillman, albeit fiction, so real.  HILLMAN THE GAME had to happen.

The idea of creating a board game where you could act as characters that were iconic, inspirational and familiar to Black/African-American people came from the countless nostalgic conversations about the show.  Conversations that seemed to occur over and over regardless of location or venue.  Not to mention the severe lack of board games geared towards such a demographic so rich in culture, HILLMAN THE GAME was an easy choice to make when deciding which game a brand new table top board gaming company should make first.  


How do you play HILLMAN THE GAME?

In HILLMAN THE GAME you move through the board as either Freddie Brooks, Whitley Gilbert, Ron Johnson, Walter Oakes, Kimberly Reese, Colonel Bradford Taylor, Jaleesa Vinson or Dwayne Wayne.  HILLMAN THE GAME progresses through the mechanics of dice rolls where landing on a space may cause you to pay rent, receive salary, answer trivia questions or follow the instructions of certain events.

Each game may last anywhere from 20 minutes to over an hour based on the amount of players and breaks for conversation and laughter (this happens a lot).

HILLMAN THE GAME comes in Standard and Deluxe versions.  The Standard version features a the playable map of Hillman mounted onto a 14 in. x 24 in. game mat while the Deluxe version features the playable map mounted onto a 19 in. x 29 in. quad-fold game board.  In addition to the respective Hillman maps, HILLMAN THE GAME comes with 

1 Six-Sided Die (D6)
8 Character Pieces and ID Cards
Event Cards
Trivia Cards
Answer Cards
Hillman Currency
Welcome Letter (aka game rules) *not shown in photo

What do people say about


R. Myers, Coach

I like how refreshing and easy the game is to play even for someone who has never watched the show.

M. Conway, Counselor

The trivia questions were fun and OBVIOUSLY a lot of thought and research was put into them! I could see a hype crew looking up the episodes, arguing and clowning one another over right/wrongs answers all in the name of fun!

L. Daniels, Sales Manager

It's fresh.  It's culturally appropriate and needed.

When will


be shipped?

Due to an increase in manufacturing costs, the delivery date for HILLMAN THE GAME has been delayed until further notice.  We thank you for your patience while we continue work on raising funds to get preorders out ASAP. 


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