HILLMAN THE GAME is a new board game that allows you to take on the roles of characters from the hit late 80's - mid 90's TV show "A Different World" in order to be the player with the most cash at the "Season Finale".  Whether you're familiar with the classic Black television show or you've never heard of a Dwayne Wayne in your life, you will have great time playing this game

There are 3 versions of HILLMAN THE GAME available to pre-order.  Check them out below!

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M. Conway, Counselor

The trivia questions were fun and OBVIOUSLY a lot of thought and research was put into them! I could see a hype crew looking up the episodes, arguing and clowning one another over right/wrongs answers all in the name of fun!

Erika Alexander, Actress

Maxine Shaw - Living Single

Wow! When you make Living Single, make sure Max starts with the most money.

L. Daniels, Sales Manager

It's fresh.  It's culturally appropriate and needed.

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Due to COVID-19, shipping of preorders will be delayed until further notice.  We are taking all the necessary and additional steps to ensure the safety of our products and customers. 


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