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7 Mocktails for Your Next Awesome Game Night

Fun Fact: I used to be a bartender who definitely enjoyed alcoholic drinks at parties, gatherings, events, and game nights for a long time. I haven't actually bartended for over a decade and over the past few years (since dancing daily now that I recall), my desire to sip things like an authentic Amaretto Sour decreased. Eventually it made me want to be creative with the non-alcoholic drinks I could serve at my own gatherings and game nights. That's where I learned about Mocktails.

Now, I know... I know. No one's getting tipsy on a booze-less beverage and no shade to anyone who drinks, so hear me out. Sometimes, liquor isn't necessary to have a good time ESPECIALLY if everyone is cutting up over games that are fun af!

Mocktails are a healthier alternative that can be just as creative and flavorful as regular drinks. They are also great to enjoy with friends and family since everyone can be involved without worrying about the effects of alcohol. Plus, mocktails are much more affordable than cocktails & a great option for those budgets. So here are 7 Mocktails to try for yourself.

1. Virgin Moscow Mule: This classic mocktail combines ginger beer, lime juice, and a splash of cranberry juice for a refreshing and flavorful drink.

2. Tropical Punch: This bright punch is a mix of pineapple and orange juice, grenadine, and a bit of lime juice for a sweet and tart flavor.

3. Shirley Temple: This classic mocktail is a mix of ginger ale and grenadine, topped off with a maraschino cherry.

4. Creamsicle Float: This twist on a classic float is made with orange soda, cream soda, and a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

5. Blueberry Mojito Mocktail: This flavorful non-alcoholic mojito is made with blueberries, lime juice, mint leaves, club soda, and a bit of sugar.

6. Mockarita: When you're craving a sweet-tart, refreshing margarita but don't want the alcohol, break out your blender and start here.

7. Pineapple Cobbler: This summery drink is made with strawberry juice, club soda, and a squeeze of lemon juice. Enjoy!

There's a ton of mocktails on the internet so be sure to search for some more to make your own in addition to these.

Hope some of these work out for you and thanks for reading.

Till next time. Enjoy.

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